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Can I buy a DNA sequencer from SEQme?

Definitely yes. We offer a broad portfolio of refurbished instruments having a variable throughput and satisfying needs of every lab: model 310 (single-capillary, approx. 20 samples/day), 3130 (four-capillary, approx. 50-100 samples/day) and ...
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You offer refurbished sequencers, what exactly does that mean?

These are instruments that were already at use and their previous owners decided not to use them anymore for various reasons, typically not sufficient throughput or on the other hand infrequent usage. In our hands these machines are refurbished. This means they are disassembled piece by piece,..
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Why do you offer refurbished sequencers only and not new ones?

The manufacturer’s (Thermo Fisher Scientific, previously Life Technologies, previously Applied Biosystems) policy is to sell new sequencers directly, without resellers. This is why we cannot quote a new sequencer. The problem you will be facing immediately when you start considering a new sequencer is that the new series of sequencers available is somehow limited...
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I got lost which sequencer to choose, please advice!

The key decision maker is the throughput. This means how many samples you analyze at the same time. You can select the model 310 (single-capillary = 1 sample „at a time“), 3130 (4 samples at a time) or 3130xl (16 samples at a time). These sequencers are no longer available new, only refurbished...
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Can I buy a new sequencer Applied Biosystems® 310 or 3130/xl?

Unfortunately not even from the manufacturer. We can, however, quote them refurbished and we offer a standard warranty for these units! Feel free to contact us!
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Why should I choose SEQme as an instrument or service provider?

We have long experience with servicing and technical support for DNA sequencers and Real-Time PCR instruments. We have certificates of training provided by the manufacturer...
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Can I run the Applied Biosystems® 310 sequencer with the newer OS than Windows XP?

Yes, you can. We do offer a new computer for data collection and analysis with Windows 10 on board. Additionally, there is no need to buy new software licenses for data collection and analysis; you can keep on using your current ones. The only new license you need is the new operating system.
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Why should I upgrade the Applied Biosystems® 310 sequencer to Windows 10?

Windows XP are no longer supported by Microsoft. This means your IT department may disconnect your computer from the network and in worst case they may tell you to get rid of this computer since Windows XP can no longer be ...
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Can you also upgrade Applied Biosystems® 3130/xl sequencers to Windows 10?

Yes. Our solution has the same advantage like for 310 model - there is no need to buy new software licenses for data collection and analysis; you can keep on using your current ones for GeneMapper, Sequencing Analysis and other software. The upgrade costs are therefore as low as they can be.
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What are the electrical requirements when installing sequencers 3130 or 3130xl?

We recommend using a UPS - Uninterruptable Power Supply and we can deliver UPS as a part of instrument delivery. Then you can use your sequencer plugged into a regular wall receptacle with proper grounding (220V/16A). In case of ...
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Is it necessary to air-condition the room where the sequencer is installed?

The recommended temperature range for the working site is 15-25°C, the sequencers generally produce a lot of heat. For example, the maximum thermal output of the 3130 ...
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Do you recommend using other then original reagents and consumables, i.e. capillaries, polymers, buffers etc.?

Definitely not. However inexpensive they might be, they may cause a lot of troubles too. Especially non-original polymers (non-original means not by Applied Biosystems) are less reliable - have shorter lifetime, spikes are more ...
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