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How do I order Sanger sequencing or Fragment analysis?

All orders are placed through our web interface. To order analyzes, you must...
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General rules of sample preparation

When ordering sequencing or fragment analysis in tubes, preferably please use 0.2 ml strips to send samples, they are easy to work with.
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How do I ship samples?

We recommend you insert samples into a quick-closing plastic bag. Fragment analysis samples can be (not necessarily) wrapped up in aluminium foil to prevent light access.
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StandardSeq – Preparation of samples

Sample is a template mixed together with sequencing primer in a single test tube / well or template only if you wish to use some of our universal primers. Template is a PCR product or plasmid.
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RapidSeq - Preparation of samples

Please use the instructions for the StandardSeq protocol.
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ColonySeq – Preparation of samples

Sample is bacterial cells from agar plate colony, liquid media culture, or glycerol stock. This protocol is designed for mid- to high-copy number plasmids (> 10 copies per cell).
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CleanSeq – Preparation of samples

Sample is an unpurified PCR product (aliquot of the PCR reaction) or other suitable template, amenable to enzymatic cleanup. You must also supply sequencing primer(s) or select some of our universal primers.
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HairpinSeq – Preparation of samples

Sample is typically a plasmid with a cloned hairpin or GC-rich stretch in the region of interest or PCR product. Price of the HairpinSeq protocol includes bidirectional sequencing (forward and reverse).
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What is the difference between sequencing protocols you offer?

StandardSeq is the basic protocol, we sequence your template. CleanSeq is in fact StandardSeq with template cleanup performed beforehand. HairpinSeq is a special protocol ...
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Fragment analysis – Preparation of samples

The sample is typically a PCR product or a mixture of PCR products which are fluorescently labelled. The PCR products do not have to be purified, you only need to send the aliquot of the PCR reaction.
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Can I copy-paste into the order form?

Definitely yes. Create (in Excel, for example) a table with three columns - Sample Name, Primer Sequence and Template Size (applies to StandardSeq, CleanSeq, ReadySeq). For HairpinSeq the table must have four columns - Sample Name, Primer1 Sequence, Primer2 Sequence and Template Size.
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Universal primers

The following universal primers are supplied by us free of charge.
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My own primers

When designing custom primers, please remember that properly designed primer is crucial for sequencing...
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How should I specify primer sequences?

Please use ACGTN symbols for the primer sequences, IUPAC codes (BDHRYKMSWV) for degenerate bases and “I” for Inosine. If there are...
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I want to use my own primer which you use as a universal primer, how can I do this?

If you want to use for example your own M13F primer, you have two choices. Either you do not enter primer information in the order form and only add it to your template (StandardSeq protocol), or you specify this primer in My Primers...
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How should I specify the template size?

If the template is a PCR product, enter its size. If the template is plasmid with a cloned insert, enter the total size of the template (plasmid plus insert). This field is optional for ReadySeq.
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There is a limit on template length in the order form for Sanger sequencing. Why?

This is correct, the template size must be between 100 bp and 20.000 bp. It is quite unusual to sequence templates shorter than 100 bp. Assuming your primer has 20 bases ...
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I cannot send the online order

If, after entering data into the order form and clicking on the Order button, you get the notification that no sample data has been entered
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Where and how long do you store my results?

All Sanger/Fragment analysis orders are processed on our website. Results will be made accessible in your user profile and can be downloaded from within.
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Subscribing sequencing services

Click on link New Prepayment in your account and complete the form to subscribe to our services. The amount to be prepaid is given without VAT, the system will add VAT automatically according to applicable regulations. Once you have confirmed your order, an advance payment request will be issued automatically which you can use to ...
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