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Where and how long do you store my NGS results?

All NGS orders are processed on our website. Results will be made accessible in your user profile, including but not limited to raw data, analysis results, supplementary data etc. and can be downloaded from within.

Please notice that we will not send you email messages announcing completing of particular steps of order processing, instead we upload all data to your user profile. Therefore, we encourage you to log in to your user profile regularly if you wish to monitor progress of processing of your order. We will of course contact you directly by email or phone in case of having some questions during order processing or if your assistance or clarification is needed.

Access and security
Since results are available in your user profile, only a user knowing login credentials has access.

However, if you wish to share access to the results with your colleagues, they do not need to register on our website and you do not need to disclose your login credentials. Instead, you can share results of a particular NGS order by sharing a direct secure link to our datastore as well as a folder-specific password. Both are visible in your user profile. You are free to share access to the datastore with a third party at your own risk. Please notice that to access the datastore you must enable port 5001 within your IT infrastructure. Please contact your local IT personnel in case of questions!

We will not share access to the datastore with a third party unless authorized (in writing) by the person who submits the order.

Datastore content
In the datastore there is a folder and file structure with results provided based on particular laboratory or data analysis performed. Files/folders can only by visualized or downloaded, all modifications or deletions are disabled.

Data download
At the end of processing of a particular order clients are informed about finishing of order processing and access details are shared. Datastore can be accessed and data downloaded as many times as necessary.


  • We guarantee that the data files are available in the datastore for at least 4 weeks from the date of completion of the order.
  • After this period expires, we reserve the right to delete all or selected data files without notice!
  • Please download your data in time.
  • Make sure to backup downloaded data files!
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