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Our Mission – Premier Next-Generation sequencing services

We pride ourselves on providing full solutions in Next-Generation Sequencing. You know what you want, we know how to do it.

We offer and perform:

  • All steps of NGS workflow starting from project design and consulting, through DNA/RNA library preparation and sequencing, to standard or customized data analysis pipelines
  • State-of-the-art NGS systems by all key market players (Illumina, PacBio, Oxford Nanopore)
  • Various optimized NGS services such as fast exome sequencing pipeline, targeted sequencing of preselected genes or metagenome analysis
  • Solutions for small scale NGS projects – ShareSeq
  • Bioinformatic Analysis Expertise
  • Strict quality control on the level of the sample, the library and the data, using workflows optimized for speed and accuracy
  • On-line ordering, results reporting and data delivery – all available 24/7
  • Courses or workshops, also tailored to needs of your team

Our people – A dedicated team of professionals in:

  • Experiment design and planning
  • Sample processing
  • Data analysis pipeline development and execution
  • Expert consultancy on all steps of the workflow, experiment optimization recommendations, or problem solving suggestions



Our NGS services overview



Bioinformatical services - We develop solutions to fit your needs

Data analysis forms an inherent part of our Next-Generation sequencing services. Skilled bioinformaticians discuss your scientific objectives with you and analyze your data regardless of whether these were obtained in our Next-Gen sequencing lab or not. Standard analysis pipelines can also be adjusted to your needs as well as to the output of a pilot analysis we may run on your dataset.


Your goal

Standard analysis steps

Specific analysis steps

De novo Sequencing
De novo assembly
Reference-based genome assembly
Gene/ORF prediction
Gene annotation and classification
Variant calling (SNP, INDELs)
Whole Genome Resequencing
Alignment and summary
Variant calling (SNP, INDELs) and annotation
Comparative analysis
Structural variation (CNV) and annotation
Exome /Target Sequencing
Alignment and summary
Variant calling (SNP, INDELs) 
Variant annotation
Comparative Analysis
Transcriptome Resequencing
Transcript mapping
Expression profiles
Differentially expressed genes (DE)
Fusion gene analysis
Gene set analysis
Variant calling and annotation
Comparative analysis
Transcriptome De Novo Sequencing
Sequencing data correction
Transcriptome de novo assembly
Annotation (GO)
Differentially expressed genes
Annotation (GO), visualization
Variant calling and annotation
smRNA Sequencing
Expression profiles
Prediction of known and novel smRNA / miRNA
Differentially expressed miRNA
Gene set analysis
Comparative analysis
Metagenome Sequencing
Contig assembly
OTU clustering and classification
Alignment and summary
Gene prediction
Prediction of functionality of each gene candidate
Statistical analysis
Epigenome Sequencing
Global methylation profiles
Specific methylation profiles
Differentially methylated regions (DMR)
DMR-associated genes
Gene set analysis
Comparative analysis


Meet us at our Data analysis workshops.



Our data analysis fees are based on short-term fee-for-services support or large-scale project support. Our fees are largely based on the amount of time required for support from our staff (per hour, day, week or month). Fees also include access to the computing infrastructure needed for successfully performing tasks given by your project. In case of interest please get in touch - based on your project requirements we will give you an estimate of the time needed / project costs.

You know what you are looking for. We know how to find it.

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