Applied Biosystems sequencers - Operator training

In many laboratories, Applied Biosystems sequencers have been used for many years. Their existing users were often unable to attend the original operator training that was done after installation, so it is realistic to expect that these instrument are used inefficiently, the cost of individual analyzes is too high, and the evaluation of the results or setting of other processes is lengthy.

We offer training for users of old as well as brand new Applied Biosystems sequencers, performed in your lab, using your instrument and your software versions for both data collection and analysis.


Supported instruments:

Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers 310, 3100, 3130/xl, 3500/xl, 3730/xl, SeqStudio.

We recommend that you consider the possibility of having this training for your lab personnel regularly - the training may be part of a service contract that we can offer to you to service your sequencer.



Who should attend?

The course is suitable for anyone who is just learning how to use the Applied Biosystems sequencer, as well as for those who want to deepen their current knowledge. Previous knowledge of Sanger sequencing or fragment analysis is not required.

What will you learn?

  • How to efficiently operate your sequencer to minimize operating costs
  • Based on your own data, you will be able to identify potential problems in the Sanger sequencing / fragment analysis process starting with the preparation of the template and ending with capillary electrophoresis in order to eliminate these problems and obtain optimal results
  • You will get information for easy and routine maintenance of your instrument
  • You will get into the details of the DataCollection software and the software for evaluation of results (different versions of Sequencing Analysis, SeqScape, GeneMapper, etc.), you will be able to customize them to suit your needs, and to optimize the passage of samples through your lab as quick as possible
  • You will get information on the organization of the lab and the desirable lab practices
  • You will communicate with an experienced lecturer and discuss your questions in a team of your close colleagues
  • And many more



Course agenda:

We will discuss the possibilities your Applied Biosystems instrument offers with respect to your goals and applications. We will review your results with you and analyze specific issues. We can tailor the course program to your instrument, workplace and needs. You will tell us what you want to focus on.

Outline of the agenda (to be discussed):

  • Applied Biosystems sequencers - Principles, instrument parts and terminology
  • Reagents and consumables - overview
    • Capillaries
    • Polymers
    • Matrix and sequencing standards, separation buffers
    • Other consumables (special plasticware, formamide, ...)
  • System setup and run
    • Automatic steps
    • Tasks of the lab personnel
    • Lab setup
  • DataCollection software
    • Modules, protocols, assays
    • Spatial and spectral calibration
    • Walk-away run and manual control
  • System maintenance
    • Refill of reagents
    • Bubbles (removal using wizards and manual control)
    • Monitoring the system tightness, polymer pump and block maintenance
    • Short / longterm shut down
  • Sanger sequencing and Sequencing Analysis / SeqScape software 
    • Template prep and quantification
    • Sequencing kits and reaction including cleanup
    • Data analysis, .ab1 file structure
    • Sequencing Analysis / SeqScape demo and software tools
    • Troubleshooting
  • Fragment analysis and GeneMapper software
    • Principles, reagents and sample labelling
    • Size standards, capillary electrophoresis and interpretation / finetuning
    • Data analysis, .fsa/.hid file structure
    • GeneMapper demo and software tools
    • Troubleshooting



Course Logistics:

  • Language: English
  • Venue: Your lab or workplace
  • Date: To be agreed
  • Number of participants: To be agreed, always only members of your team
  • Time range: To be agreed, typically 2-3 days
  • Price: Please request a quote
  • Note that during the course, laboratory experiments may be performed upon agreement.

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